Suggested donation:  $35.00/hr./2 persons

Includes gas* & launch fees.

Only have an hour or two?  Half a day?  Most of one day?  Join us for a quick trip around a local lake or nearby mountain trail.  Explore waterfalls & creeks. Experience the serenity of nature in the middle of your week or weekend.

Suggested donation: $140/person/24 hr. day

Includes food, gas*, & equip. Lodging fees may vary.

Enjoy your adventure with guided hiking, backpacking, kayaking, swimming, etc.  End your day with a shower at a family campground, hot food and tall tales cooked up around the camp fire. Tent camp or rent a cabin.

 Suggested donation:  $140/person/24 hr. day

Includes food, gas*, & equip.

Ever tried camping?  Hated it?  Try going with O.A.K.!  It will be one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ve ever had.  Leave the cooking and set up to us.  You’ll be asked to handle small tasks or anything you are comfortable with.

Suggested donation: $140/person/24 hr. day

Includes food, gas*, equipment, and park fees.

Look forward to getting off work Friday and heading for the hills! Take your heels off and put on your smile for an exhilarating climb or lazy paddle through some of the most beautiful parts of NC & VA! Enjoy great food & company!

Suggested donation:  Call

Prices will vary according to activity & lodging.

Want to extend your trip? Want to include hiking AND kayaking? Want to hike parts of the Appalachian Trail? Want to take a week? How about camping, trout fishing, hiking & a bed and breakfast in the Blue Ridge?                    Call us and we will help you dream up the perfect outdoor (or not so outdoor) adventure.  Try something new.  Go ahead!  YOU deserve it!

Which Adventure?

To contact us call:


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Suggested donation:  $140/perons/24 hr. day

* Include food...not bugs! *

Want to be stretched? Have you ever wondered, “What would I do if…?”  Now’s your chance to find out!  Learn how to survive “out there” with little to nothing (hair dryers NOT included).  Build shelters, find water,...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Suggested donation:  Call for group assessment

Multi-day, afternoons, weekends, or one day events in which employers, employees, offices, work groups, church groups, learn important strategies, through outdoor activities to build esprit de corps.

For all events NOT conducted on our campus, there will be a $.40 per mile per vehicle transportation surcharge.  All lodging fees will be at participants' expense & may vary.  A surcharge will be assessed for lodging for OAK Adventure staff required to conduct your adventure.  Medical Liability & Media Usage Release forms will be requires of all participants.  Special diet or special food requests will be provided for a commensurate surcharge.  Financial accommodation will be made for groups & individuals who provide any of their own provisions, lodgings, or transportation.

Suggested donation:  Call

Would you like to do any of the above with your spouse or family?  Want to focus on your marriage?  Does your family need some time together to recover, recuperate, and relax? We can offer the right amount of challenge, space, peace, & activity to help you work together, have fun, discover & grow together.

OAK Adventures is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.

All donations are tax deductible.

All content © OAK Adventures

Because we are a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, the suggested donations below reflect our cost to host each event.  These are suggested donations (tax deductable) so that we may continue to offer the safest, most creative adventures possible to all, regardless of financial means.  Thank you for helping us make these adventures available to others.  We make every effort to NEVER turn anyone away!

Not only will we craft an adventure for any demographic group, but we will customize the activities & content to accommodate what your group nay need most.  The dynamics of great adventures & porting them back into real-life situations are the same.  However, the specific approach will be largely guided "real-time" by your group's dialogs & conversations.