Why we are non-profit:


We help to develop “Creator-inspired” relationships, which promote unity while maintaining diversity; promote actualizing one’s faith in a relevant manner, and promote the achievement of personal potential through the understanding of self, others, environment, and circumstances.



o Bringing individuals into a closer relationship with their Creator & others through individual and group adventures.

o Helping individuals overcome fears through guided training.

o Teaching the dynamics of the privilege of relationship.

o Teaching the responsibility of trust.

o Developing personal freedom through acceptance of others’ ideologies & philosophies.

o Teaching how to nurture relationships through mutual “unconditional” acceptance.

o Teaching methods of detection & correction of relationally destructive behaviors.

o Developing other-centered attitudes, thoughts, & actions.

o Teaching how to nurture relationships by removing unrealistic or biased expectations.

o Teaching the dynamics of forgiveness.

o Developing ways to see one’s self more objectively.

o Teaching how to live in fully authentic & genuine behaviors.

o Teaching the ways of grace as opposed to gracious living.

o Teaching ways to improve both self & other-esteem.

o Helping individuals transfer these concepts into their daily routine.




“Permanent, positive changes occur in the human soul as one discovers the truth about one’s self & begins to move in directions best suited to who they are & not in directions based on who they wish they were.” -RaBo

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