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OAK Adventures

Enjoying a moment of peace off Conley Ridge,

Linville Gorge, NC

Ready to breathe?

Most women I know give their ALL...to everyone else.† We give our all to our families, our jobs, and our friends; our all to worthy causes, charities, and churches.† We give our all until, at times, it seems weíve forgotten how to breathe.

Imagine this: Filling your lungs with the crisp, clean air at the top of a mountain-scape mixed with early-morning fog and sunshine (and the irresistible urge to yodel).† Dipping your toes into a freezing-cold stream of water as it bubbles over moss-covered stones on itís way down to the robust river you hear in the distance.† Imagine a freedom-filled and exhilarating break from the routine.† Imagine inhaling peace.

THIS is OAK Adventures!† It is our mission to take you from your ordinary surroundings into a place that is wonder-filled, even if just for an afternoon.† From kayaking to hiking; backpacking to camping; fishing to trapping, and walking to rafting, OAK Adventures takes you on a journey of self-discovery, rest, peace, and joy through outdoor adventures. It is a way to grow, to gain self-confidence, rejuvenate, have fun with friends, and re-enter the day-to-day with a renewed sense of purpose and well-being.

Our trips are open to women of all (or no) experience and fitness levels.† We donít believe someone should be left out of the great outdoors because her children and/or her job have been her focus for the last 20 years.† We design trips geared to your interests and your abilities so you enter your adventure with some level of confidence.

Whatís the Difference?


THE difference between OAK Adventures and other outdoor organizations is our focus on the lasting effects of our journeys into nature.† Our staff includes professionally-trained women with experience in the great outdoors, medical and safety training, relationship mentors and life coaches who help bring together the experience with nature and the everyday lifestyles of our clients.†† Life is a journey on a far grander scale than our adventures. Let us help you make the connection with the peace that is all around us.


Browse our site and choose your adventure, or, call and we can design one for you from one hour to a full week!† We canít wait to experience life with YOU!


Ready to breathe?

inner strength through faith 336.767.7373 info@oakadventures.com


A 5:00 a.m. view from

Mt. Rogers, VA.

Falls Reservoir, Badin, NC

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An afternoon paddle!

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